Bet El Community Temple

Rabbi Marshall Meyer

Rabbi Marshall Theodore Meyer was born in the United States in 1930 and arrived in Argentina in 1959, where he served as Youth Director for the Israelite Congregation of the Argentine Republic, under the guidance of Rabbi Guillermo Schlesinger. In April 1962, he founded the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary and, in 1963, he began leading religious services for Bet El Community, promoting Jewish education and values, solidarity, human rights, and interreligious dialogue.

The Temple is a building of contemporary and austere design. Its walls and roof with a stone-like texture, built with poured concrete, convey a timeless image and contrast with the large glass prism located above the altar. This grand skylight, which evokes the image of a faceted diamond set within the temple walls, allows the entrance of light as invites to gaze upward at the night sky to see the rising of the first star. 

The Temple of the Bet El Community has been recognized as one of 100 most iconic works of modern architecture in Argentina.

SCHULMAN AQCHITECTS undertakes significant projects for the Jewish Schools and Cultural Network, such as the Temple “Agudat Dodim” of the Sephardic Congregation in Flores, the social center, sports facilities and kindergarten for the Bet Am Medinath Israel Association, and the Kindergarten for David Wolfsohn Association.